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We are an independent fish shop with 60 tanks which are all individually filtered, containing cold water and tropical fish suitable for the beginner to the more advanced hobbyist. Dry goods including Food (dry and frozen), treatments, medications, tanks, filters (external, internal, under gravel), Heater stats 25W to 400W, and everything you would need to maintain your aquarium. We also have a wide range of live and artificial plants in stock along with ornaments, backgrounds and decorations.

Please note...

When in the shop, if you don’t see a particular fish or require specialist equipment or specific dry goods, then please ask (please note a small deposit may be required on certain items).

Francis Grixti - Owner
Aqua One

Tropical and Coldwater Fish

We have a wide range of both coldwater and tropical fish to choose from. Call in and have a look! 


Call in to see our great range of tanks by top manufacturers such as Aqua One and Wave. If we don’t have it in stock, we’ll get it for you.

Dried and Live Food

We stock a wide range of dry and frozen foods for both your cold water and tropical fish.


We stock a great range or ornaments to compliment any tank.


We carry a great variety of live and synthetic plants to enhance the beauty of your tank. 


You need it? We have it. A wide range of accessories including gravels, sand, stone, bogwood, filters, medicines, cleaning equipment, backgrounds, lighting, heater stats, pumps, pipes, clips, thermometers etc.

Flow Aquatics

Flow Aquatics

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